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14 June 2011

My Spieder-Sense is Twittering

Hey there real people.   You can follow Pete Spiedermon on twitter.  Go do that thing!  This comic and other fantastical comics can be purchased on paper, the medium of the future!  Buy seven copies!


  1. That's funny. I always like the Torch/Spidey faux rivalry in the early Marvel comics of my youth. Not sure if it was Ditko's idea or Lee's. Strikes me as something Stan Lee would have asked his artist/writers to do, but who knows? Kirby and Ditko may have come up with that on their own, as they did virtually everything else.

  2. Thanks. I always like when Spidey and Torch are together because it allows them both to act their age even if there is some horrible fate of the world at stake event going on.