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22 July 2009

Laughing Sam's Dice

Laughing Sam's Dice part 1
Laughing Sam's Dice part 2
Laughing Sam's Dice part 3
Laughing Sam's Dice part 4

This comic strip was created for a Narrative Corpse project. Narrative Corpse is a jam comic where each cartoonist works only off the very last panel of the previous artist. All I had to work off was a panel featuring the guy with the long curly things in his head and a snake in his mouth. So, naturally, I made a comic about Jimi Hendrix coming to teach him the gospel of funk and love. The title is stolen from the Hendrix song The Stars That Play with Laughing Sam's Dice. Which, I think is one of the greatest psychedelic songs ever recorded. Almost all of the words spoken by the Hendrix angel in this comic are taken from Hendrix song lyrics. Which songs? Pull out your Hendrix collection and figure it out true believer!

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